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Current position and titles:

  • Abbot for four Chinese national temples - Chongjiang White Tower, Henan Wanshan, Nanchong Qile and Hebei JingyeTemples
  • Vice Secretary of The Sichuan Provincial Buddhist Association of China
  • President of Nanchong City Buddhist Association
  • Honoured Scholar & Part0time Professor of Sichuan University.

Master Shi Hai Kong was born in Water Bridge, SiChuan Province in Feburary 1947. He grew up in the town of Le Zhi, and graduated from the University of SiChuan in 1982 with a Bachelor of History degree.

Master Shi Haikong at a young age, determined to find the truth of lifeAt a very young age, Master Hai Kong started to show his extraordinary intelligence. Not only did he demonstrate excellent memory skills, but he also showed great interest in learning the scriptures of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. He also gained abundant knowledge in various areas including Astronomy, Geography, History and Yimutology. As an adolescent , he mastered Taoism practice to a very high level. Determined to find the truth of life and the true path of enlightenment, he did not stop there but continued his journey of spiritual searching. In 1978, he finally took refuge in Buddhist Dharma and started his study and practice with Master Ding Chao from the Manjushri Monastery. His Buddhist name at that time was Lone Dzi.

To advance his Buddhist studies, Master Hai Kong also studied under Master Ding Hui, Master Pu Chao, Master Hai Shan, Master Ben Zhi and Master Chang Run. Later on, he was recommended by Master Hai Shan and became a disciple to Tantric Buddhist Master Ren Qin. During this time, he underwent the full cycle of Tantric Buddhist study including the Vajrayana Discipline, empowerment ritual, various Sutra Dharma and he inherited the lineage of the Diamond Dharma. In April 1982, Master Hai Kong was introduced to the great Master Qin Hai from Wu Tai mountain and went through the entry ritual to become a monk. He also gained a new Buddhist name, Hai Kong, and a Dharma name Miao Zhen. In Wu Tai mountain, he underwent the Threefold Ordination Ceremony, completed the full commandments and the way of discipline of the bodhisattva, perfected the rules and mastered the essence of the Dharma teaching. Through practice and study with Master Qin Hai, he eventually found the correct dogmas of the enlightened and he himself attained enlightenment. From July1982 to October 1992, following his Master's direction, Master Haikong undertook a ten year retreat incorporating intensive practice of the core Buddhist studies. As the result of this retreat, he perfected his Dharma-nature, unfolded the deeper level of wisdom and attained Samadhi and Prajna.

Honoured Scholar of Sichuan UniversityIn 1993, the government of He Nan Province invited Master HaiKong to become the Abbot of Wan Shan Temple on Yun Tai Mountain. The same year in October, the Town of Zhong Jiang of SiChuan province also invited him to be the Abbot of the White Tower Temple. In 1996, he was honoured by the University of SiChuan as the scholar of the historical research department. In 2001, he was invited by the Religious Department of Nan Chong City to be the Abbot of Qi Le temple. He presently holds a variety of responsibilities and honored titles such as the member of councils of the Chinese National Buddhist Organization, Scholar of the SiChuan Province Government, Vice Secretary-General of NanChong Buddhist Organization, and the Scholar of SiChuan University.

Master HaiKong's Tantric lineage is as follows: Buddha Shakyamuni, Tsongkapa - the greatest commentator of Buddhism in history, Khangsar Khenpo Rinpoche, the great Master NengHai, Master Qin Hai and to Master Hai Kong. In addition to this Tantric lineage, he has also inherited lineage from Master HaiShang of JiLin WenShu and Master HaiZhi of JiLin ZhaoJue. His Tantric practice is inherited directly from Master RenQin, DingChuao and DingHui.

Master Haikong and other well respected buddhist mastersBased on the his study and practice, Master HaiKong, with his great compassion and desire to liberate people and all living things from suffering, has done a significant amount of research and deep meditation. Finally in 1992, he opened up "Talismatic Wheel and Diamond Dharma"(TWDD), which is specifically designed to fit into the pace of contemporary life with specific public teachings. TWDD is by far one of the most powerful and accessible Dharma teachings that brings the highest level of meditation practice into the lives of ordinary people. Not only does it carry on the essence of the path towards true happiness, but it has also generated a whole new approach of Dharma teaching. TWDD is easy to grasp regardless of one's background and previous meditation experience. It brings focus and peace to the heart, develops inner strength and reduces dependence on the material world . It is evident from the practice of millions of people that all participants are able to establish the connection to Dharma-nature (the true nature of mind) within 2 hours to 7 days. This connection then helps one to develop innermost wisdom and furthermore to find the path towards the truth of life. It truly is an extraordinary tool that brings both physical and emotional health and enables participants to develop the wisdom of finding true happiness.

Millions have benefited from his powerful and unique meditation teachingMaster Hai Kong has authored many books including: TWDD Open Teaching, Formless Tantrayana, Discussion of Formless Tantrayana Teaching etc. Among those books, Formless Tantrayana is openly taught to the public. This book includes such content as "existence and emptiness" based on Tantrayana theory such as "Essence of Yoga Diamond Dharma", "Rituals and Disciplines of Trantric Buddhism", "Sadhana of the Yidam Kuan-yin", "Sadhana of Shekymuni", "Sadhana of The Yidam Vajrabhairava", "Phowa","Long Live Dharma", "Sadhana of the Dzogchen" and so on. In order to spread the Buddhist teaching and pass it on to future generations, after 5 years of hard work, Master Hai Kong and his disciples have completed the construction of the beautiful and magnificent White Tower Temple from the ground up . The White Tower Temple combines the style of Buddhist Culture and modern arts . It has become the school of TWDD teaching and has created opportunities for millions of people from all over the world, from all walks of life and from all races to begin their journey to "Develop the wisdom, and find the truth of life".

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