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About Fulong Dharma Centre

North American Fulong Dharma Centre LogoThe North American Fulong Dharma Centre is committed in providing ongoing support and guidance to individuals in hopes to reducing life’s pain and suffering through meditation and Buddhism practice.  Through actively engaging in humanistic activities, the Dharma Centre will foster true altruism, peace and harmony that transcends all religions, race and culture.  Various activities include, ongoing multi-level meditation courses, life coaching and support, health and wellness, diversity through cultural events, historical perspectives and travel. 

The founders

Master Shi Haikong with Wen Tang and Jemma Fong, his Canadian disciplesSince November 2005, Wen Tang & Jemma Fong have been teaching meditation on weekends to several friends and family members which through word of mouth has grown to well over 600 students.  This unique style of meditation initially developed by Master Shi Haikong, after spending 10 years in isolated meditation, situated in a cave high up in the Sichuan Mountains.  He discovered that this format of meditation was not only beneficial for the monastic practitioners of his temples, but also beneficial to the overall general public at large.  His meditation style consists of a “standing format” and the reason why this format is better for modern day people is because basically it is easier than the sitting down meditation.  Most people feel quite uncomfortable trying to sit still for an hour or so. 

People in today’s society live busy lives, juggling work, children, extended families, multi-tasking, and their minds going a hundred miles per hour.  Master Shi Haikong also realized that despite North Americans living in the land of beauty and opportunities, the stress level is extremely high here, resulting in illness, dis-ease, mental and emotional distress and climbing at an all time high.

His style of meditation quickly enables the student to connect with his enlightened energy, connect with your true nature of mind and cut-through the “garbage and unnecessary thoughts” swirling around in your mind. His teachings help people to realize the true essence of your human nature and understand the laws of the nature – so that you can find peace that is currently totally covered up by the attachments we cling onto in our everyday living.  By attending these meditation sessions, we help peel those layers of the onion, to find the true nature. This provides clarity, redirect attitudes, view issues on other levels and results in a release of pressure that most of us experience surviving in this society.  This meditation tool has helped many with their overall emotional and physical well being. A non-invasive, affordable tool that you can use whenever you need it.

See testimonials on website to see how some have found this experience.

Also Jemma's own personal story is a testament to her own experience with this meditation.  One year later, practicing meditation faithfully, has helped her to maintain a pain-free lifestyle, something only a year ago, she thought would be impossible.

Our goal is to be able to share and spread this with all who are interested.  Our structure that we would like to offer is through the building of a Dharma Centre and Community, where people can “drop in” or attend set classes on a regular basis.  We found that those who keep consistent practice, have major positive shifts in their life.  Since the core of these teachings are based on Tibetan and Chinese culture, we would like to incorporate a cultural exchange opportunity with the Canadian western community and provide cultural activities such as art, food, language, music, theatre etc. and open it up to the public.  We would also like to have the Centre to be a place of refuge, a safe, clean environment for those in need of a safe house.

Having a permanent structure with all its offerings will take time and a lot of financial investment.  In time, we hope to continue to raise funds and find sponsors who would be interested in this format.  If you would like to contribute in any way, please contact us with your interest.

About Fulong Dharma Centre
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