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Buddhist Meditation Talks

You are invited to settle into the body and hear a talk on how Buddhist meditation is relevant to us in the 21st century.  Learn about how our minds have difficulty staying present and what underlies our tendency to resist reality.  We will touch on the Buddha's realization at enlightenment and discuss how meditation practice helps us cultivate awareness and happiness beyond external conditions.  This session is suitable for individuals of all faiths.  (offered Tue, July 7 and 14th at 10 am, Sorrento Centre).

Dr. Vibeke Vaerum- Bio

Dr. Vibeke VaerumDr. Vibeke Vaerum is a spiritual teacher and meditation lineage holder in the Linji zen (chan) tradition of Buddhism.  She has been practicing for two decades in several traditions and has trained with her root teacher and abbot, Shi Haikong, in Sichuan province since 2006.  A psychologist by profession, Vibeke has always been interested in transcending suffering by cultivating non-dual awareness.  She brings compassion, wisdom, and humor to her teaching style.

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