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We have just purchased another 14 new pillows by using the donations we've collected from our two years of TWDD meditation teaching classes. From the bottom of our heart, we thank for all the people who have participated our classes/events for your generosity and support.

We invite you participate in the Twoonies for Pillows Campaign  

Join us in our Penny for Pillows Campaign - each penny counts!Do you have loose change hanging around at the bottom of your pockets, purses and everywhere in your house? Please consider donating these twoonies to the "Twoonie for Pillows" campaign, which helps fund the purchase of new meditation pillows for the Centre and for the use by the students.  

We have recently purchased 10 Meditation pillows, but would like to continue adding to this inventory. Feel free to bring your pennies to us!

Contact us if you would like us to pick up Twoonies from your home!

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