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Photos from our meditation classes: (back to gallery main page)

Teaching the World Religions Class in Iroquois Ridge High School

Summer Classes at the backyard Wen teaching
Summer 2006 class

Meditate Together Meditating together

A peaceful afternoon A peaceful afternoon
A peaceful meditation afternoon on the last day of winter 2006

Another successful teaching sessionAnother successful teaching session
A joyful moment after Sunday, March 05's teaching session. Read testimonial about this session.

A busy weekend of teachingA busy weekend of teaching
Listening to the introduction by Wen

Group smiles after two hours of meditation
Group picture following the two hour of meditation

Bernie in concentrated meditation
Bernie, 77 years old, is in his practice.

A New Year's Congratulations Mew Year class 2006

12 people attended our first teaching session of 2006. A huge "congratulations" to those people from the bottom of our heart!

The first TWDD teaching in Canada
First TWDD Meditation Class with Lightworks for Well Being

November 5th, 2005. We had our first ever TWDD teaching session in Canada with a group of women who were attending the "The Women's Retreat" hosted by Anne Bourke and Elizabeth Skronski of "Lightworks for Well Being".

We look forward to more opportunities working with Light works in the future to bring inner strength and true happiness into people's lives.

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