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Media Release - Monday, October 23, 2006


In a Canada - China Cultural Exchange Program, Master Shi Haikong, creator of a meditation practice geared to fast-paced modern living, is coming to Oakville, Ontario, November 8th  to November 25th to meet and teach his students and those interested in his unique style. While the practice, known as Talismanic Wheel and Diamond Dharma (TWDD), was introduced to this continent a year ago, the current visit marks Master Haikong's first time on North American soil. He will also be celebrating the opening of the North American Fulong Dharma Centre, established to provide TWDD meditation classes.

Wen Tang and Jemma Fong, based in Oakville, co-founded the Centre after starting TWDD classes in November 2005. Wen, originally from China, studied Buddhism with the Master several years ago. As Wen and Jemma talked more about Wen's experience with TWDD, they realized Jemma's 25-year struggle with chronic pain might benefit from the practice. This proved to be correct after Jemma went to the Master's temple in China for several weeks in the summer of 2005. By continuing the practice she is now pain-free. Wen accompanied Jemma to China that same summer and studied TWDD teaching. She is one of a privileged few permitted to teach TWDD meditation. Master Haikong saw this would suit the stressed-out North American life-style.

By word of mouth they have reached well over 80 students attracted to this simple yet profound method. It was devised by Master Haikong after a lifetime of Buddhist study under several masters, culminating in a ten-year retreat from 1982 to 1992. During that time he incorporated intensive practice of core Buddhist studies and perfected his Dharma-nature, which in Buddhist terms means the true nature of the mind. Finding that level of peace also allows for healing of mental and physical illness and emotional distress. As one student wrote,
"[t]his was a very different experience for me; I am not accustomed to meditating at all! The introductory class of 2 hours of standing meditation required considerable commitment and focus but there were moments of great warmth and happiness during it. I experienced a sensation of love and harmony being given to me, especially when Wen was near, sharing this energy. All I can say is “WOW! and “Thanks”."

The method has revolutionized Dharma-teaching and what was once designed for monks has been found to benefit the general public. It has allowed millions in China to establish in as little as 2 hours to 7 days, connection to the Dharma-nature he took 10 years to perfect. Many experience profound shifts in their lives.  It is made easy for all in several ways. For example, the initial teaching involves meditating while standing. As many have trouble sitting still for a long time this eases the introduction. It is open to all religions and cultures; the first meditation practice helps to relax and focus. It also reduces those attachments to everyday life which hold us back from living naturally and in peace.

Wen's and Jemma's vision for the North American Fulong Dharma Centre extends beyond teaching TWDD. As their Vision and Mission Statement says, "….[t]hrough actively engaging in humanistic activities, the Dharma Centre will foster true altruism, peace, and harmony that transcends all religions, races, and cultures." They hope to include life coaching, and health and wellness. They also want to encourage diversity through various events, historical perspectives, and travel.

They have created several offerings over the course of Master Haikong's November visit. From November 8th to 25th  these include open houses to meet him, public meditations, public teachings, day-long retreats, and a fund-raising 10-course banquet, held in Oakville, Milton and Mississauga. To register and find details of scheduling and cost, please contact them by phone, web-site, or email.
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