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TWDD Meditation Event Offerings:

All events are Open to the Public - Learn to Meditate Beginner Class

Ongoing TWDD Meditation Practice

Weekly standing and seated meditation sessions and dharma talks 'near Victoria' on Vancouver island on Monday nights at 6 - 8 pm.

Prerequisite: Standing Meditation Workshop - by request on weekends (same location) or week days. By donation.

Register: Vibeke & Michael

Beginners TWDD Meditation Class!!

New location!!

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: Vancouver Island

All events are open to the public - This meditation is a Tibetan Temple style that has been reformed and now made available to the general public. The method for the beginner class is a standing style, so that it is easier to meditate especially for beginner meditation students who have difficulties sitting. Come out and experience this unique meditation practice.

Register: Michael (click for bio)  604-980-0334

Learn About Michael Cruickshank

Michael Cruickshanks has practiced meditation in Canada and China for almost 20 years.  He was given his Dharma name (Guang Tong) by his Guru,  Master Haikong, the abbot of multiple temples in China.  He is certified as a 'Lay Person Lineage Holder' in the Linji (zen) tradition.  His experience since discovering TWDD is that he has 'come home'.  The teachings and devotion to his Guru have provided the clarity and confidence of how to be of service to others in the role of a teacher.  

Previous background includes 10 years of Vipassana/mindfulness meditation.  He is a health-care professional  in Vancouver and is honored  to share the benefits of TWDD with all of those who are seeking greater peace and wisdom. 

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