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Our mind and our life -- Hai Kong

There is a saying in Buddhist Studies: all phenomena are created by our own minds. In other words, all the pain and affliction we have experienced or are going to experience in our lives, all the stresses we have carried on our shoulders, all is a creation of the mind. The good or bad throughout our entire lives is purely a psychological construct.

What is the nature of the mind?

What is the nature of the mind?Based on the Mahaprajna-paramita-sutra, the true nature of mind is originally in peace until circumstances break it or disrupt it. The essence of this idea is that if we can peel off the layers of mental constructs, we will find the true nature of mind, or inner peace. Once we know that all realms of life are manifestations of our own state of mind, we should be able to change our lives or our way of thinking by training our minds.

Taoists believe that a clear and calm mind will balance "Chi" in your body to become compatible with the "Chi" of our living environment and the universe. The harmonized Chi will then provide purified energy for our existence. Positive energy will keep us focused on the positive side of our lives. When we are living positively, no matter what the circumstances, it could be said that we have found true happiness in the mind. This ultimately is what meditation practice can help us to accomplish.

One of the major causes of our psychological and physical suffering is greediness. Greediness separates us from other individuals and all beings. Greediness also causes anger, ignorance and all self-centered thought that leads us into a misconceived and narrow-minded way of living.

Greediness, anger and ignorance are the three basic causes of negative karma and a chaotic mind. Only after we go through the training and reconditioning of the mind, are we then able to be less and less distracted by the greedy, angry and ignorant mind. Compassion will lead us to treat all people and all beings in this world equally and break down the wall of greediness, anger and ignorance. That's why we say that the exercise of compassion provides the theoretical underpinning of all meditation.



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