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Articles: Jemma's Journey

Jemma’s journey towards healing

By Jemma Fong
Published in the printed version of Moods Magazine Winter 2006, p.27

Living with a chronic condition resulting in daily pain and monthly periodic acute flares that flatten me in bed for days seemed to be my only “norm” I knew for the past two and a half decades. Increased stress of any sorts would worsen the situation causing a vicious cycle as I became more stressed with my inability to perform at my optimum. Doctors, therapists and alternative health practitioners helped as much as they could through medications, manipulations, exercise and homeopathy, but overall, most came to the conclusion that “I just need to live with the pain”. Deep down I knew I had to find a way to control it, rather than “it” control me.

Over the past seven years my business partner, Wen, had been telling me about her experiences with a Buddhist Master in China. She would tell me about some of the events witnessed during a Tibetan Tantric Buddhist meditation teaching. She mentioned some cases where very ill people with varying diseases from cancer to joint pains, were healed through practicing this type of meditation -- they showed remarkable improvement in their health. She was quite confident that if I had a chance to meet this Master, I would also have a chance to heal. It seemed like a dream far away, but that dream came to fruition this past summer of 2005.

After listening to Wen, and having a general understanding of how the Chinese approach to healthcare differed from Western Society, I was intrigued to learn and experience more. I also believed that being of Asian decent (although raised Caucasian), prompted this desire to explore my roots and the culture. Buddhist meditation has been in China well over 2000 years – I figured it must have value – why not open my mind and heart to this experience! Despite being in a foreign land and not understanding the language, I actually felt quite at peace and comfortable being in China. A huge part of me felt “at home”.

In the mountains of Sichuan, beside a little town called, Zhong Jiang, stands a white tower high on a mountain top. The White Tower temple sits just below filled with sounds of chanting, bells ringing and the smell of incense. Mantra music repeats softly in the background loud speakers throughout most of the day, filling the air with peace and tranquility. We spent 5 days in this tranquil paradise. It was extremely peaceful and safe feeling with the high walls all around us. Monks of all ages, dressed in yellow robes, practiced daily.

Finally, I had the honour of meeting the master of the temple, Master Hai Kong, who is also the creator of this type of meditation. His teachings have helped millions of Chinese people with their physical and psychological healings. On the second evening of our stay, I was invited to participate in an empowerment ritual held by Master Hai Kong and the monks. It was a two-hour affair, and although I did not understand a spoken word, I watched in awe as Master Hai Kong performed his prostrations, while the monks sang chants and bowed to the Buddhas. I observed all of the surroundings and took it all in.

I was then to perform my own practice, repeating the mantra in a standing meditative form for two hours non-stop. It was difficult, because the pain of walking round and round was hard on my hip joints, but I persevered. It was so important to get beyond this point, so they kept encouraging me to continue. The opportunity for having this experience was extremely privileged, especially having this individual attention. Master Hai Kong is well known in the Chinese Buddhist community and is revered by many students from all over China wanting to learn from him. He usually only performs these empowerment rituals four times a year to hundreds of students at a time. To have my own personal ritual, and to be given the opportunity to practice meditation and learn Buddhism from this Master was a gift of a lifetime (and many more if you believe in Buddhism). The rest of the holiday I continued to practice daily for about five hours while staying at the temple and, to this day, continue this practice at least once daily. The results are staggering. I no longer live on Tylenol every four hours, I have reduced my Lupus medication (under the guidance and approval of my Rheumatologist) and my overall strength and emotional state has improved tremendously. I have noticed each day the pain becoming less and more manageable and energy levels increasing.

How can Master Hai Kong’s meditation teaching help one’s physical and psychological being in such an effective way? Master Hai Kong’s meditation style is the first step of the “Talismanic Wheel and Diamond Dharma” (TWDD) teaching, which originated from the Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Yellow Sect practice -- streamlined from the same lineage of the HH Dalai Lama. From 1982 to 1992, during his ten year retreat, Master Hai Kong simplified the most powerful meditation practice process and reformed it to better fit the pace and lifestyle of modern times. In 1994, for the first time in history, he opened up the first step of his teachings to the public. Since then, (over ten years ago) TWDD meditation has been practiced by millions of people from all over China. This form of meditation has proved to be extraordinarily effective and powerful in healing various physical and psychological challenges.

Having an open mind and heart to this Buddhist meditation gave me hope and an opportunity to gain control over my daily pain. Wen and I believe it can also help many others.

Inspired by these positive results and knowing how it has helped many people in China, Wen took a brave step and asked Master Hai Kong if he would teach her his techniques and grant her permission to teach this form of meditation to people in Canada. Master Hai kong delightfully accepted the request and spent five days training Wen to channel his energies. He then taught her all the steps she needed in order to deliver this great teaching. There are only 25 other students who are personally trained by Master Hai kong and have been given permission to teach this particular technique. Wen has now become the first teacher to bring Master Hai Kong’s practice to the western world.

All you need, in order to learn the initial channeling of energy, is the willingness to learn. Now through Wen’s instruction, you may learn to use the meditative stance and a special mantra to help you focus. The purified energy from the Buddhist Master will then help you to sweep away the distress and self-grasping which has stopped you from uncovering the healing abilities that are already within you. With this effort you too will be able to possess a great healing method and work towards your own recovery.

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