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Meditation Teaching in USA

TWDD Meditation Event Offerings in San Diego, California

Dharma Teacher: Weixia He Velis

Phone: 760-271-4323
Address: Encinitas, Californina

Learn About Weixia He Velis

I was born into a very poor family in a remote village in southern China. Both of my parents had little schooling, Dad having three years of school, Mum had only two. Mum almost single handedly built the mud hut we lived in. I had an uncle who journeyed away from the village all the way to Hong Kong, and one day he came home with hippy-like long hair and Western-style bell bottoms. He was like a god to all the kids in my tiny village. In a flash, I knew there was a purpose to my life even though I was a little girl and had much to learn. From then on I have never stopped learning. I knew I would travel and find wisdom and a better life. A seeker’s heart had sprouted within me. My mum, who was a peasant homemaker all her life had a deep wisdom, and told me an education was the key to my future, otherwise I would grow up to be impoverished like her.

So I studied and studied, hoping my education would bring me a future. I grew up in a non-spiritual environment, trapped within the rudimentary education system under the Communist regime. It remains an atheistic and unspiritual system. But a deep and surpassing spirituality was pulling me through the dark years. Meanwhile, I had somehow gotten to England, basically broke, earning two advanced degrees in education. But it was a hollow victory. My seeking heart told me that years of study alone would not guarantee my fulfillment, that something far greater awaited me if I just kept seeking. I was deeply troubled and discouraged by the limitations I faced, but it was just my something in my heart telling me not to give up. In these early days, Buddhist friends told me to seek out a master who could guide me.

Alas, another journey! Through trial and error I met Master Haikong in 2007 in his beautiful temple in the hills of Sichuan. Suddenly my life had a deep, spiritual purpose. I learned that it was this Buddhist lineage, and magically, this master that had been calling me. I know this because when I met him and received his blessing, all the clouds and restlessness vanished from the sky of my life. No turbulence, no aimlessness. All of this thanks to Master Haikong’s meditation lineage, TWDD. It is my life’s purpose to teach this to you.

When they met, Master told Leonard (my husband) he too had Karma to be (at Baita Temple) there in his presence, some twelve thousand miles from his home. Further, he explained to Leonard that there is no distance between us and him when we practice TWDD. We were married within a week after seeing Master and 5 months after we met online, and live happily in Encinitas. Mum lives with us too! Please join me in our mission of bringing TWDD- this unsurpassed Yoga/meditation lineage from Esoteric Buddhism into America and into your own life. I am proud to be a lineage holder and instructor, initiated and trained by this great Master.

Contact me if you are interested in learning this meditation method.


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