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Meditation Class in Guelph

TWDD Meditation Event Offerings in Guelph, Ontario

All events are open to the public - This meditation is a Tibetan Temple style that has been reformed and now made available to the general public. The method for the beginner class is a standing style, so that it is easier to meditate especially for beginner meditation students who have difficulties sitting. Come out and experience this unique meditation practice.

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GUELPH Beginner's TWDD* Meditation Class!!

Afternoon Beginner's TWDD Meditation Class in the Guelph area, for those who want to learn how to meditate and learn the benefits of meditation. Former participants welcome to come and practice.


April 10th Sunday Afternoon 2 pm - 5 pm

Location: Fusionmovement Yoga
Address: 336 Eagle Street unit 2J, Cambridge, Ontario


Registration: Email


Location: Unitarian Congregation Of Guelph
Address: 122 Harris Street, Guelph, ON, Ontario




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For other locations:Toronto | Brampton | Kitchener/Waterloo | Guelph/Cambridge

TWDD Meditation - Talismanic Wheel & Diamond Dharma

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